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WikiLeaks Pakistan is helping Taliban Insurgents in Afghanistan

New US military reports leaked to Julian Assange and Wikileaks show Pakistan was actively collaborating with the Taliban in Afghanistan while accepting American aid. In fact, the Afghan Taliban is headquartered in Pakistan.

The secret military documents referred to as the Afghan War Diaries contain more than 90,000 files giving a detailed account of fighting between January 2004 and December 2009.

Bradley Manning, a US Military Lieutenant and intelligence analyst was arrested in connection with the release of the 2007 US Helicopter attack on Iraq insurgents video. It is believed that he is responsible for leaking the Afghan War Diary classified documents as well.

National Security Advisor, General James Jones accused WikiLeaks of taking action that could put the lives of Americans and US partners at risk, and threatening national security.

The NSA added that the irresponsible leaks will not deter Washington’s commitment to the fight in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Key findings from the WikiLeaks Afghan War Diaries:

• CIA paramilitary operations are expanding in Afghanistan
• Taliban use of portable, heat-seeking missiles against US and coalition aircraft
• Americans suspect Pakistan’s spy service of guiding Afghan insurgency

“ However illegally these documents came to light, they raise serious questions about the reality of America’s policy toward Pakistan and Afghanistan.” – Sen. John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

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General Stanley McChrystal McFired

President Obama has terminated US Army General Stanley McChrystal for speaking his mind and replaced him with General David Petraeus as US Forces Commander in Afghanistan . McChrystal was relieved of his command over sarcastic remarks he and his inner circle made about administration officials in a Rolling Stone magazine interview.

The published comments angered White House staff who saw it as a threat to undermine the war effort. Obama summoned McChrystal to Washington DC from Afghanistan after learning of the incident.

General McChrystal was viewed as a visionary with the guts and smarts to turn around the Afghanistan war when he was chosen to take over in 2009. Despite his military achievements, the General has a history of making waves. It was on his watch in 2004 that Corporal Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire.

Last year Obama warned McChrystal for speaking publicly about his desire for more troops. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates , one of General McChrystal’s biggest backers, said that the General had made a significant mistake. General David Petraeus now oversees both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Fear of Taliban attack low voter turnout Afghanistan Election

Despite Intimidation by the Taliban – especially in southern Afghanistan – most polling places were open for the Afghan Presidential Election 2009. Inside Story Video:

Current President and puppet of the US , Hamid Karzai‘s main opponent appears to be Abdullah Abdullah.

If neither candidate receives over 50% of the Vote , a Run Off between the top two vote-getters will be on Oct 1.

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