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Skype IPO $100 Million ADR initial public offering

Luxembourg based Skype, the Internet phone / video phone heavyweight, has filed papers with the [SEC] Securities and Exchange Commission for a $100 million [ADR] American Depository shares [IPO] initial public offering on the NASDAQ Global Market.

It is not known precisely when the shares will be available or at what price.

Skype said the IPO is an opportunity to achieve significant global scale and user growth that may allow the pioneering internet phone company to break the $1 billion mark in revenue by 2011.

Advertising on Skype or charging a modest fee for the video feature would boost revenue dramatically.

In 2010 Skype has more than $400 million in sales from only 8 million paying users out of its 560 million total users who use the real time internet video communication service online.

Skype’s P2P telephony allows users to connect with other users online to make free telephone calls. The Skype IPO looks like a buy.

Free services [freemium] to registered users include instant messaging, file transfer and screen sharing plus voice and video / conference calls to anyone else on Skype.

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Goldman Sachs High Frequency Trading Program Stock Manipulation

Goldman Sachs is making Billions of $USD high frequency trading , processing millions of  orders at lightning speed. About 70% of the high frequency trades are done by 2% of the traders.

Powerful Super Computers enable high frequency traders to generate Billions in Profits. High Frequency Traders clearly have an edge over the masses. Powerful Algorithms may execute millions of orders a second. It has become a Technological Arms Race.

A former Goldman Sachs computer engineer – Sergey Aleynikov was arrested for stealing secret computer codes. The computer software can manipulate markets in unfair ways.

Stock Market Manipulation at its Finest with Programmed High Frequency Trading.

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