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Major Earthquake Predicted Mar 21

A major earthquake is predicted for March 21, 2012 if the every 188 day pattern continues.

Feb 27, 2010 a 8.8 earthquake in Chile. 188 days later
Sept 23, 2010 a 7.0 earthquake in New Zealand. 189 days later
Mar 11, 2011 a 9.0 earthquake in Japan. 188 days later
Sept 15, 2011 a 7.3 earthquake in Fiji 188 days later =
March 21, 2012?

Please be advised. Be prepared. Coastlines bad. Ring of fire bad. Be safe.

You have been warned of the every 6 month major earthquake pattern.

UPDATE 3-22: We were off by 1 day. A major earthquake 7.4 magnitude rocked Mexico on March 20, 2012. If the 6 month pattern continues, the next major quake will be on or near SEPTEMBER 24, 2012.

Plan accordingly and have a nice life.

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Half a Billion Iowa Eggs Recalled for Salmonella

More than half a Billion eggs have been recalled in America. The 550 million eggs affected by the recall are sold under the brand names:

Albertsons, Boomsma’s, Dutch Farms, Farm Fresh, Hillandale, Kemps, Lucerne, Lund, Mountain Dairy, Ralph’s, Shoreland, Sunny Farms, Sunny Meadow, Sunshine and Trafficanda.

The salmonella tainted eggs were sold in Arkansas, California, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin.

The recalled eggs are in cartons from Plant Numbers 1026, 1413 and 1946 with dates ranging from 136 to 225. Look for the Date and Code stamps on the end of the egg carton.

USA Egg recall video:

If you have eggs that have been recalled, do not eat them. Take them back to the store where you bought them for a full refund.

Edible eggs should be refrigerated at 45 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. All cracked or dirty eggs should never be eaten.

Raw eggs in their shells and cartons should keep up to five weeks from their packaging date in the refrigerator.

To be safe, egg shells should be washed first. Cook eggs until both the white and the yolk are firm and eat promptly after cooking.

There’s no way to tell from simply looking if an egg is contaminated with salmonella or not.

Consumers with more questions may call Wright County Egg’s toll-free hotline at 1-866-272-5582 or visit the online website of eggsafety.org


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