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Germany Blitzkrieg England 4-1 at World Cup 2010

Blitzkrieg, as in Lightning War. A Concentration of Overwhelming Force and Rapid Speed to break through enemy lines and proceed without regard to its flank.

Deutschland’s blitzkrieg of constant motion kept the Swiss-Cheese Goalie of Britain off balance and unable to respond effectively.

Why was a healthy Robert Green sitting on the bench?  And yes, the horrendous officiating robbed England of a goal. At least it didn’t alter the outcome. It was clearly Germany’s day. Congratulations Germany.

10 Games in World Cup 2010 for Italy, France and England resulted in only 1 Win combined for all three sides.


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JABULANI Official Match Ball FIFA 2010 World Cup Adidas Football

Adidas and David Beckham unveiled the JABULANI football , the official match ball of the 2010 World Cup.

Jabulani is a different ball with a different technology. Adidas introduced the Jabulani in February to all football federations. The Adidas Jabulani was used in Germany’s Bundesliga while not in England’s Premiere League because of their sponsorship with Nike.

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