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Ten Russian Spies accused of spying for Moscow Intelligence

Ten people have been arrested in the USA [ New York, Boston and Alexandria, Virginia ] accused of spying for Moscow and Russia Intelligence. The accused spies are charged with conspiracy to act as unregistered agents for a Foreign government and money laundering. If convicted, all ten could face up to twenty years in prison.

The Justice Department accuses them with carrying out long term, deep cover assignments in the United States, on behalf of the Russian Federation.

US investigators claim some of them lived under false identities and that the secret agents used private wireless networks to send encrypted messages embedded in images online.

Anna Chapman, formerly Anya Kushchenko  ( Анна Чапман ) is in solitary confinement until her indictment hearing on July 17. 

Burgergate and catching ten spies is good PR for the Justice Department and FBI.

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Big Spender Obama and Medvedev go to Hell Burger

Russian President Medvedev and Obama go to Hell Burger in Arlington,Virginia. Big spender Obama treated Mededev to an American Hamburger and a shared order of fries, with the bill coming to $24.50

Medvedev requested a Chili Burger but Obama refused the Russian President’s wish, ordering cheddar cheese and sauteed onions instead.

Medvedev ordered his hamburger well-done. Obama changed it to medium-well. No freedom of choice for the Russian President in America.

Burgergate. Is this how negotiation on the closed door, big issues goes to? I wonder.

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