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Bernie Madoff better watch his Butt in Butner NC federal prison

Convicted Swindler Bernie Madoff’s Butt has arrived at Federal Prison in Butner , NC – where he has been sentenced to spend the next 150 years. A Life Sentence for the infamous Wall Street Con Man who Masterminded the Largest Ponzi Scheme in History. Madoff’s life is about to change dramatically – instead of Billion Dollar Transactions he will Earn Pennies a Day sweeping floors and cleaning toilets. The only way Madoff is getting out – is in a Pine Box.

The Butner Prison houses several other well known inmates , among them former Colombo Crime Family Boss , Carmine Persico. Also , Omar Abdel-Rahman , the Terrorist known as the “Blind Sheik” who Masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing.

Penthouse to Big House – Enjoy.

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