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NASA reported upper layer of Earth’s Atmosphere Collapsed

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) reported that the Thermosphere found in Earth’s upper atmosphere has recently collapsed in an unexpectedly large contraction.

The thermosphere lies high above the surface of the Earth, near where our planet meets the edge of space, unlike the troposphere which is the lowest portion of Earth’s atmosphere.

The thermosphere interacts strongly with the sun and is greatly affected by periods of high or low solar activity.

Extreme low solar activity would cause the thermosphere to cool [collapse].

However, scientists after taking both low solar activity and increased C02 [carbon dioxide] into account, are baffled by the magnitude of the contraction.

The numbers don’t add up. Something is going on that at present we do not understand.

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350 Supermodels Take It Off For Global Climate Change Day Oct 24

Watch 350 Supermodels Take It Off – for Global Climate Change Day on Oct 24 – the International Day of Climate Action. Super models Rachel Alexander, Dorothea Barth-Jorgensen, Shannan Click, Hanne Gaby, Olya Ivanisevic, Alla Kostromicheva, Heidi Mount, Crystal Renn, Cameron Russell, Rianne Ten Haken and Nicole Trunfio took it off.

If you want to see what 350 ppm looks like – their natural state – get your politician to act now. On October 24, more than 5200 events displaying the number 350  took place in 180 countries. 350 represents the ppm safe level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. We’re at 390ppm.

October 24 International Day of Climate Action

Today we can Change the World.

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