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You are Under Attack Megabanks Global Hostile Takeover

” You are under attack ” says Alex Jones of Infowars.com It doesn’t matter where you’re from on the globe. You are under attack by an enemy that is sworn to establish a planetary tyranny.

Megabanks that control the national governments of the planet and who have created trillions of dollars of false fiat derivatives have literally taken over the Planet.  This is a global hostile takeover.

Globalization is tyranny. Globalism is offshore corporations combining forces and pooling their resources to buy off and take over foreign governments. And they use these nations as engines for their global corporate empire.

This is a global corporate takeover.

The UN is a creation of these private banks and it’s meant to absorb national sovereignity. The IMF World Bank have wrecked hundreds of third world countries with loans that were never meant to be paid back. 

What’s happening now is bigger than the private federal reserve takeover of 1913 because it’s worldwide. The robber barons who have created these trillions and trillions of dollars in derivatives as monetary weapons are engaged in a hostile corporate takeover of the free world. And it is happening now.

They have basically bankrupt the dollar the pound the euro the yen, the yuan. All major currencies are going the way of  Zimbabwe, where to buy a hamburger it cost 40 trillion Zimbabwean dollars.

The Six Private Banking Families are going to devalue our currencies now and they will then create a new SDR [special drawing rights] cashless money. It’s all admitted, imploded by design.

EU President Herbert Van Rompuy admits the G-20 is the global government. It will pay our carbon taxes to the private banking consortium. We’ll still have our devalued currencies and the Super Currency will now be this cashless system.

Wrecking our economy by design, the Dodd-Frank Wall St financial reform bill gives total control to the private federal reserve to oversee the$600 Trillion Derivatives Market.

The private Federal Reserve is the Holding Company of the Big 6 Banks here in the United States. This is a huge power grab.

In six months [ Jan 1, 2011 ] the Largest Tax Increases in American history will begin. It’s been passed and it will kick in with the 2011 New Year.

Expanding the power of big banks like never before seen while cutting benefits and raising taxes on the health care bill. There is no free health care. In fact, the quality of health care is going to be cut, because the insurance companies owned by the banks wrote that.

They can do this under the fascist-puppet, Barack Hussein Obama.


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Weapons of Financial Mass Destruction

The people who recognized the high likelihood of defaults were able to profit from that likelihood – First , they could sell the mortgage securities short – a straightforward wager that has long been available.

Second , they could buy credit default swaps (CDS) from banks and insurers like Merrill & AIG , who charged very little to the other side to make the bet. These were essentially a side bet that anyone could make about a certain mortgage bond or security. It paid off fantastically if the bond went into default or was close to default.

Where the junk mortgage bonds were in the hundreds of billions, the Credit Default Swaps were in the Tens of TRILLIONSCREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS were a STAGGERLINGLY LARGE $72 TRILLION DOLLARS – that’s a Seven with Thirteen ZERO’s Folks – $72,000,000,000,000

If the sellers of the Credit Default Swaps had to pay off in large part , the liability greatly exceeded the total bank capital in the United States and possibly in the world

The derivatives based upon the junk mortgage bonds could be , and were not in any way limited to the size of the mortgage. It is this liability that swamped the banks , investment banks and insurers. It is the Credit Default Swap Liability that broke AIG and Lehman Bros.

Lehman was so large that when it failed

Bankers panicked. If Lehman could fail , then anyone could fail. The banks that were still solvent figured they had better hoard their assets and stop making loans. This led to the ongoing credit freeze and economic downturn with a drastic fall in prices of all kinds of securities , real estate and commodities.

It also led to a massive credit squeeze on hedge funds , a credit dry up and monster fall of asset prices. This snowballed into forced stock and other assets on a huge scale leading to still greater falls in securitiy prices.  

The worldwide panic is still unfolding , leading to huge infusions of liquidity into the Worlds Banks and the semi-Nationalization of United States Banks to bolster world markets and economies. These were drastic steps for drastic times , all generated by derivatives.

Warren Buffett had warned us against them back in 2002 and again he was right. Buffett stated that  .. derivatives bought speculatively are WEAPONS OF FINANCIAL MASS DESTRUCTION .. the range of derivatives contracts is limited only by the imagination of man or sometimes , so it seems , MadMen.

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Fat Cats Burden US Taxpayers with Trillions of Dollars of Losses in the Marketplace

On Wall Street and in Washington, there is increasing expectation that U.S. taxpayers will either take the bad assets off the hands of financial institutions so they can raise capital, or put taxpayer capital into the companies, as the Treasury has agreed to do with mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As always the Middle Class Taxpayers are the ones who Lose. The Rich Do Get Richer and the Poor Do Get Poorer.

When you have a big loss in the marketplace, there are only three people that can take the loss [1] the bondholders, [2] the shareholders and [3] the government TAXPAYERS

The latest financial crisis is an area called CDS, credit default swaps, which are private contracts that let firms trade bets on whether a borrower is going to default. When a default occurs, one party pays off the other. The value of the swaps rise and fall according to the risk that a company won’t be able to honor its obligations. Firms use these instruments both as insurance to hedge their exposures to risk and to wager on the health of other companies. There are now credit default swaps on more than $62 trillion in debt, up from about $144 billion a decade ago.


One of the big new players in the swaps game was AIG, the world’s largest insurer and a major seller of credit-default swaps to financial institutions and companies. When the credit markets were booming, many firms bought these instruments from AIG, believing the insurance giant’s strong credit ratings and large balance sheet could provide a shield against bond and loan defaults. AIG believed the risk of default was low on many securities it insured.

The Biggest Bailout in History. $10,000 for every Man Woman & Child on Planet Earth. Thanks Federal Reserve, a private bank chartered by the U.S. government and UN-Constitutional. Do Your Own Research.

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