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North Korea Threatens to Wipe Out the United States

North Korea threatens to ” wipe out ” the United States. A US Pentagon spokesman responded ” I don’t know how I even respond to such silliness – I don’t know – wipe the United States Off the Map for what? and with what? ” And US President Obama stated ” Let’s be Clear – This Administration and Our Military are Prepared for any Contingencies. ” 

Dr. Ron Paul’s common-sense take on the situation:

UN United Nations sanctions on North Korea – AP Associated Press Video

Alex Jones’s take on North Korea , Iran and the Globalists. Alex Jones Video Part 1 :

Alex Jones Video – Staged Propaganda – Part 2 :

Alex Jones Video – Bankers Openly Stealing $14 Trillion – July 4th Missile Launch – the American People don’t kill anybody Part 3 :

Alex Jones Video – become the evil to fight the evil – this is total tyranny – Part 4 :

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