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Miami Zombie Man Eating Face

Miami zombie apocalypse, nude man eating face shot dead by police on MacArthur causeway. Causeway Cannibal has been identified as Rudy Eugene 31 [deceased].

Miami cannibal attack picture photo Rudy Eugene deceased and victim Ronald Poppo who lost 70% of his face

Victim Ronald Poppo 65 left and right Miami Cannibal Rudy Eugene 31 deceased

Ronald Poppo, a 65 year old Miami homeless man, has been identified as the victim in the horrific face-chewing attack.

Miami Police Detective William Moreno said Eugene continued to chew on Poppo’s face even after he was shot. It took five more rounds to disable and kill Rudy Eugene.

WARNING: graphic photo from crime scene

Miami cannibal attacker crime scene photo a dead Rudy Eugene lying next to his critically injured face eaten off victim Ronald Poppo on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami FL

Crime scene photo Miami cannibal attack Rudy Eugene shot dead by police after the nude man ate face off victim Ronald Poppo

An eyewitness said that the causeway cannibal was like a zombie, tearing off 75% of his victim’s face and growling like an animal at the police officer who shot him.

WARNING: Extremely graphic, gruesome, horrific picture of Miami man who lost 3/4 of his face, eaten off by cannibal attacker

Whatever you do, don’t look. I beg of you, Leave immediately. Not for the faint of heart.

zombie apocalypse gruesome horrific graphic violence photos of 70% of nude man eats face victim pic in Miami FLA

Cannibal man eats face pictures graphic violence in Miami Florida horrific photos on gruesome zombie apocalypse Memorial Weekend

Homicide investigators believed the Miami cannibal was under the influence of a designer drug, LSD related bath salts.

Highway to hell on Memorial Day weekend. Stay safe.


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You’re Being Used

You’re being used, folks. Blacks and humanity are under attack. Why does the Establishment media never push something good for America?

Why does the establishment prefer to distract, divert, divide and conquer this population so the Bankers that control the Money Supply can play us off against one another?

Black men are often shot in questionable circumstances but Obama doesn’t want to turn the people against the Government or Globalists, ONLY when it is a citizen George Zimmerman  killing a citizen Trayvon Martin and it’s racial.

You’re being used folks. You only get mad when you’re told to get mad by the establishment controlled media.

Fight fire with Magic.



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George Clooney Arrested

George Clooney arrested after protesting outside the Sudan Embassy in Washington DC.

The actor extraordinare was released from jail after paying a $100 fine for disorderly crossing of a police line.

George Clooney claimed he was protesting the mounting humanitarian crisis in Sudan and that there was only a 6 week window to feed the children or many thousands would die.

“ It was really rough – you can imagine.” – George Clooney

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Happy New World Order Year 2012

Happy New World Order Year 2012. It’s happened ladies and gentlemen.

While you were busy partying, Obama signed the NDAA bill into law, on the New Years Eve countdown.

A little New Years present.

Even US citizens may now be arrested, tortured and detained indefinitely without charge or trial, by the military.

Indefinite detention. It was a very good year for the NWO New World Order.

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Charles Manson Helter Skelter Nuclear Mind Aug 9 1969 40 Years later

Forty years ago in the 1969 Peace and Love era,  Charles Manson launched Operation Helter Skelter and changed the face of America forever. Charles ” Tex ” Watson , along with a HomeComing Queen and other middle class female ” Manson Family ” members went on a killing spree for the Beatnik Cult Leader, Manson. The popular young actress Sharon Tate and others were Murdered over two nights in Los Angeles , California. The intended targets were probably Terry Melcher who dashed Manson’s hopes of Music Recording and Rudi Altobelli , the owner of the home where Tate was living.

Born in 1934 as Charles Milles Maddox , Charles Manson , has spent the majority of his life in prisons and institutions. The burglar , car thief and pimp became a hippie guru in Haight-Ashbury San Francisco in the Summer of Love 1967. His group were mostly young female followers. They travelled by volkswagen van and in 1968 met Brian Wilson and stayed for some time in his Sunset Blvd home. Later they settled in Spahn Ranch making that their compound and lastly the Bottomless Pit , Death Valley Ranch.

Manson was Convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Murder [ Tate / LaBianca Murders ] and Received the Death Sentence. Later it was changed to a Life Sentence in the infamous San Quentin Prison. In a hard hitting , tell it like it is , interview with Geraldo Rivera here is the media’s poster child of Evil – Charles Manson , in his own words:

Part 1 Charles Manson ” Crime Factory ” Video Interview with Geraldo Rivera. ” Get our Heads together – Crime Factories are Buying and Selling Crime  for jobs and profit – We can stop the crime by stop buying and selling it – I’m Thinking the World outside the Prison – You’re Projecting the Thought – My Life is Bigger than this Space , I’m Big , My Mind is Big – call it Nuclear Mind , the Will of Life – the kid runs off and does whatever he’s being Programmed to Do – there’s a Reverse Side of everything too , I’m both Positive and Negative – I’m Evil , I’m Everything – Survival takes precedence over Programming – I’m in Paradise , I’m in Harmony with God – I See Everything as it is – I Am the Street ”

Part 2 ” I Am Responsible for My Actions  – Money takes Presidents – You’re looking to Sell Death – Can I Survive on this Planet Earth – I don’t care about your Society – I’m Jesus Christ , I don’t care if You Believe it or Not – The Whole World’s in a Thought , It’s in the Thought  – Peace on Earth – You’re Living in a 1000 Illusions – You’ve got a Prison in Mind , You’re Living in Jail – My Guitar , my Human Rights – 99% of that Newspaper is For Money – it’s a little different between what you’ve heard and what is – I’m in Harmony with the Truth – get in harmony with life and Relax “

” I want World Peace – that’s your judgement , the Judgement you make on this Mirror you gotta Carry – You can’t Never Tell nobody anything , You can’t Judge Nobody Else , there’s only One Person You can Judge , I Judge Me – I don’t break laws , I Make Laws , I’m the Lawmaker , I make the Laws ” – Charles Manson

” Your courtrooms have Convicted me of being Jesus Christ in one courtroom and then in the other courtroom you’ve convicted me of being the Devil – there’s a lot more to this World than you See – I live in the Truth with Mind – I can only be responsible for one human being , myself – Do what You know is Right , do what you feel is right , inside you ”

” Pay me what I got coming – people don’t hear each other , we talk to each other but very seldom do we ever Communicate – I don’t live in that world you live in , you’re in jail you’re in prison , I’m not Locked in Dollar Bills , I’m Free man I’m Free – I’m looking at Golden Arches and I’m Fine – I can go anywhere and do anything I want – people are scared,  they use me as an excuse , they’re afraid of what they dont’ understand and what they don’t know ”

” you’re out of Balance – I’m the King where I Live – do what your love tells you to do , infinite consciousness , universal order – I’m whatever you need me to be for you and whatever you make me to be , you’ll carry the rest of your life – your heart beats in the truth , if you’re lying you’re only lying to yourself – become Free in your Mind – I entertain myself and if others are around they may feel the energy of that and be entertained – in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave – I Know Everything , I Live Forever

Charles Manson Helter Skelter video interview by Geraldo Rivera.


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