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Charles Rangel 13 Criminal Ethics Violations a disgrace to America

Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Charles Rangel is a major disgrace to Democrats, all Americans and America.

The senile 20 term, 80 year old Representative of  Harlem, New York refused to retire so now let’s see Rangel wrangle his way out of  a public congressional trial this September. It will be Charlie Rangel’s War.

Rangel had been given every opportunity to negotiate a settlement during the investigation phase but the ethics violator refused.

So it is now finally on to the trial phase, after years of delay and inaction by the proper authorities.

Some of the 13 ethics violation charges include failure to report more than $600,000 income on his congressional financial disclosure statement.

Failure to report income from his vacation property in the Dominican Republic.

Accepting a rent-stabilized property in Manhattan for his campaign office

Using congressional letterhead to solicit donations for a center for public service to bear his name. 

Accepting money gifts from AIG for bailout money.

He didn’t know he had nearly a million dollars tucked away in some accounts.

Rangel writes the tax code but as for himself, he is on a tax holiday.

It’s an Insult to America that House Speaker Pelosi promised to run the most honest and ethical House ever, yet a House Chairman is allowed to stay in office after years of known ethics violations.

” I’d rather defend Jeffrey Dahmer’s dietary habits than try to defend Charlie Rangel on the idea of ethics.” –  Gov. Mike Huckabee

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Professional Biden the Clear Winner in VP Debate

IFILL: Welcome to you both. As we have determined by a coin toss , the first question will go to Senator Biden.

The Senate & House of Representatives this week passed a big bailout bill … As America watches these things happen on Capitol Hill , Senator Biden , was this the worst of Washington or the best of Washington that we saw play out?

BIDEN: Let me begin by thanking you, Gwen, for hosting this. And , Governor , it’s a pleasure to meet you , and it’s a pleasure to be with you.

I think it’s neither the best or worst of Washington , but it’s evidence of the fact that the economic policies of the last eight years have been the worst economic policies we’ve ever had. As a consequence, you’ve seen what’s happened on Wall Street.

If you need any more proof positive of how bad the economic theories have been , this excessive deregulation , the failure to oversee what was going on , letting Wall Street run wild , I don’t think you needed any more evidence than what you see now.

We’re going to focus on the middle class , because it’s when the middle class is growing , the economy grows and everybody does well , not just focus on the wealthy and corporate America.

IFILL: Thank you, Senator.

Governor Palin?

PALIN: Thank you , Gwen. And I thank the commission also. I appreciate this privilege of being able to be here and speak with Americans.

You know , I think a good barometer here , as we try to figure out has this been a good time or a bad time in America’s economy , is go to a kid’s soccer game on Saturday , and turn to any parent there on the sideline and ask them , “How are you feeling about the economy?”


Her answer to the economy: go to a kids soccer game !  it didn’t get any better for her

For the Full PROOF-POSITIVE here is the Complete Un-edited 90 Minute VP Debate , courtesy of CSPAN and the Fine Folks at Youtube.com:

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