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Sir Allen Stanford Indicted as Damn Swindler in $8 Billion USD Antigua Financial Fraud

Former Billionaire & Texas Financier – “Sir” Allen Stanford was Indicted on Charges he helped Direct a $8 Billion Investment Fraud.

Forbes Magazine Ranked Sir Allen Stanford in 2008 as the 605th Richest Person in the World. His net worth at that time was in excess of $2 Billion USD.

” It is Fun Being a Billionaire ! ” – Sir Allen Stanford.    With $6,700,000,000 USD MISSING , Stanford Financial is Bust !  What used to Smell of Big Money is beginning to Stink like Fraud.

Financial Investigator , Rodney Gallagher – describes Stanford as a Brash Texan who Revels in Business Success.

The Caribbean Allowed Allen Stanford to go from Bankrupt to Banker.  ” He Buys Governments , he Buys Police , he Buys Everybody ” – Makeda Mikael. Knighthood gave Allen Stanford a veneer of respectability. 

The Stanford “Eagle” – Stanford International Bank – Stanford Financial Group – The Stanford Empire

” I will Die and Go to Hell , if it’s a Ponzi Scheme. It’s No Ponzi Scheme … I am Not a Damn Swindler ” – Sir Allen Stanford

One Question – Is it Fun Being a Billionaire?

” Yes , I would have to Say – It’s Fun Being a Billionaire ” – Sir Allen Stanford

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