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Obama Signs big brother Financial Reform into Law

The signing of the financial reform bill into law gives the government / big brother yet more authority.

Another unnecessary government intrusion into private businesses. And more power and wealth to the Fed and Goldman Sachs.

Obama’s vision of bankrupting America is right on track for his globalist offshore banking bosses.

True financial reform would have been reform of the private Federal Reserve.

” Once you allow governments and a secret bank like the federal reserve to create money out of thin air … the deficits are huge today because of the Fed. It couldn’t happen if you didn’t have the federal reserve as the lender of last resort to the politicians.

But there’s a collusion here – the Conservatives like to do it to fight wars, Liberals like to do it to have unlimited welfare. It benefits both the conservatives and liberals, and it destroys the money ultimately.” – Dr. Ron Paul  

” these reforms represent the strongest consumer financial protections in history… there will be no more tax-funded bailouts period.” – Obama

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BetOnSports Gary Kaplan Guilty Online Gambling $43 Million Fine

Gary Kaplan , the founder of Online Sports Gambling Empire BetOnSports.com entered a plea of Guilty in US Federal Court for Conspiracy and Racketeering , violating the RICO  [ Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations ] Act and the Wire Wager Act. Sentencing will be Oct. 27 where the Judge will accept or reject the plea.  BetOnSports PLC has already transferred $43.7 Million in ” Fines ”  from a Swiss Bank Account  to the US Government. And Gary Kaplan would serve 41 to 51 months in prison [ less the 2 years time served already ] Kaplan was arrested in 2007 in the Dominican Republic.

David Carruthers , the former CEO of BetOnSports , already admitted to 1 count of racketeering. In 2004 BetOnSports booked over 10 Million Sport Bets totalling over $1 Billion USD. The same year , Kaplan received over $100 million USD from an IPO set up by the London Stock Exchange.

The US Government could End the Budget Deficit by Legalizing and Taxing Online Sports Gambling , but then the Government isn’t interested in doing whats best now , are they?

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