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US Military Operation Iraqi Liberation “OIL” out of Iraq

Operation Iraqi Liberation “OIL” has finished in Iraq on Dec 15, 2011. The final 4,000 US Military troops will be out by Christmas. At what price?

After nearly $1,000,000,000,000 US Taxpayer Dollars wasted and 8 years 8 months 26 days of shock and awe, the death toll is enormous. 4,479 US Soldiers gave their life [confirmed kills] with 32,200 injured. Approximately 950,152 Iraqi Civilians and Military died.

Was the mission even accomplished? One thing is certain – War is hell.

” It has been a disaster, that should not have happened. It is a disaster full of death and destruction.” – Raed Jarrar, Iraqi American blogger/activist

The Americans are leaving behind them a destroyed country with thousands of widows and orphans.

US officials were unable to reach an agreement with the Iraqis on legal issues and troop immunity from prosecution in Iraqi courts.

” They’re [Iraq] going to face challenges in the future.” – Leon Panetta, US Defense Secretary


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Japanese Villages Wiped Off Map

Aerial view of Japanese Villages Wiped Off Map. The tsunami destroyed everything in its path.

Satellite view of the destruction on the ground in Japan.

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Death and Destruction in Miyagi Prefecture 宮城 Japan

More death and destruction in Miyagi Prefecture of north-eastern  Japan, as seen on TV Asahi, a Japanese TV channel.

Filmed in the Miyagi Prefecture (宮城) in the city of Kesennuma (気仙沼市) which had 74,000 residents.

Search and rescue missions continue after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami disaster hit Japan.


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1900 to 1999 Century in Review war and invention

Newsbyphoto’s  history of the 20th century in 10 minutes 45 seconds with 32 videos and 150 pictures.
Music: The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps.  The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony.

List of Events (1900-1999):
Queen Victoria dies
The Great Train Robbery
Kellogg’s Cornflakes
Washing machine
Ford Model T
1906 San Francisco Earthquake
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Catches Fire
Charlie Chaplin – “Making a Living”
Archduke Ferdinand Assassinated
Lusitania sunk
Tsar Nicolas shot
Treaty of Versailles
League of Nations
Women’s vote
German hyperinflation
Time Magazine starts
Mein Kampf
The Jazz Singer
BBC Founded
Mickey Mouse in Plane crazy
Lindbergh Flies Solo across the Atlantic
Tomb of King Tutankhamen Discovered
Sliced bread
Berlin Olympics
Statute of Christ the Redeemer
Empire State building opened
Loch Ness Monster sighted
Golden Gate Bridge opens
War of the Worlds broadcast
“Peace in our time”
Britain and France declare war on Germany
Hitler in Paris
Churchill Prime Minster of Britain
Perl Harbour
Anne Frank
Roosevelt dies
USSR captures Berlin
Hitler dies
Atomic bomb
UN Founded
Nuremburg trials
“Iron Curtain”
Chuck Yeager Breaks the Sound Barrier
Berlin Airlift
Gandhi Assassinated
China Becomes Communist
NATO founded
First Peanuts Cartoon Strip
First Organ Transplant
Korean War
Colour TV
Queen Elizabeth II
Hillary and Norgay Climb Mt. Everest
Stalin Dies
Roger Bannister Breaks the Four-Minute Mile
McDonald’s Founded
Rosa Parks
Dr. Seuss Publishes The Cat in the Hat
Laika, first living animal in space
Kitchen debate
Berlin Wall
Yuri Gagarin
Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can
Cuban Missile Crisis
Marilyn Monroe Found Dead
JFK Assassinated
Thich Quang Duc
Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream”
England win 1966 world cup
Nelson Mandela sentenced to life in prison
Malcolm X assassinated
New York City Great Blackout
Nguyen Ngoc Loan
Earth Rise
Neil Armstrong Becomes the First Man on the Moon
Kent State
Terrorists Attack Munich Olympics
Sears Tower opened
Phan Thị Kim Phúc
Blue Marble
U.S. Pulls Out of Vietnam
Nixon Resigns
Arthur Ashe Wins Wimbledon
Microsoft Founded
Operation Frequent Wind
Pol Pot
Soweto Uprising
Nadia Comaneci
Elvis Dead
Star Wars
Pope John Paul II
Jonestown Massacre
Margaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain
Mother Theresa Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
Three Mile Island
Sony Walkman
John Lennon dead
Mount St. Helens Erupts
Rubik’s Cube
CNN founded
Royal wedding
Pac Man
Falklands War
Michael Jackson Thriller
Space Shuttle Challenger explodes
Mir Space station
Pan Am Flight 103
Hurricane hits Britain
Berlin Wall Falls
Tiananmen Square
Simpsons starts
Hubble Space Telescope
Lech Walesa
Nelson Mandela freed
Collapse of the Soviet Union
World Trade Center Bombed
Channel Tunnel Opens
Nelson Mandela Elected President of South Africa
O.J. Simpson Arrested
Rwandan Genocide Begins
Gas Attack in Tokyo Subway
Oklahoma City Bombing
Hong Kong Returned to China
Tony Blair Prime Minister of Britain
Princess Diana Dies
Dolly the sheep
Tiger Woods Wins Masters
Y2K Bug
Killing Spree at Columbine High School
1999 solar eclipse
New Millennium

That was the century that was; marked by the balance of destructive War and creative Invention. Live long and prosper. EOM.

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