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Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement just say no PSA no a las drogas. No in any language.

Aniyo, Bu shi, No, Na, Ne, Ni, Naw, Nein, Nyet, Nee, Nope, No way, Không, Tidak

“ You’re a Slave to Money and then you Die!!!” – Bittersweet Symphony

I Can Change. I Can Change. I Can Change.

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NYC Police Arrest Bouquet Bandit Bank Robber

Edward Pemberton AKA the ” Bouquet Bandit ” was arrested by New York City police and is being held on $250,000 bail.

Edward Pemberton AKA the " Bouquet Bandit " was arrested by New York City police for bank robbery.

Edward Pemberton AKA the Bouquet Bandit armed only with a flower bouquet robbed two NYC banks recently He has been arrested by NYC police and held on $250000 Bail Gimme all your $100s, $50s Don't be a Hero.

The Bouquet Bandit was armed only with a fresh flower bouquet to conceal his note demanding cash during his $440 bank heist July 15 in Manhattan. The teller complied and the Bouquet Bandit fled on foot, leaving the flower bouquet behind.

Pemberton, who worked in New York City’s flower district, used a potted plant as a prop in a similar take the money and run holdup at another New York bank earlier this month.

The Bouquet Bandit bank robber is suspected of six bank robberies since 2008.

” Give me all your $100’s, $50’s. Don’t be a Hero.” – Bouquet Bandit

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