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Alternative view on HIV AIDS treatment

Thousands of experts from around the globe have gathered in Vienna to discuss HIV and AIDS prevention. But the convention has also attracted alternative points of view surrounding the deadly virus and an alternative conference.

Joan Shenton, founder of the Immunity Resource Foundation, disputes the established mainstream scientific understanding of HIV and AIDS.

It has been her experience that those who change their high-risk lifestyle, look after their health and take care of themselves will get better.

Shenton claims ” Conventional treatment has actually caused the death of a whole generation of young gay men in America when they were on the high doses of AZT. That is well documented. Not one young man or woman who took the high doses of AZT has survived. Many, many others have survived who haven’t taken the anti-virals.” 

” Basically, it’s very difficult to challenge a major orthodoxy these days because the media is so powerful. The drug industry is more powerful than government.” –  Joan Shenton [Immunity Resource Foundation founder]

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