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ExoPlanet Corot-7b rocky density similar to Earth 3000 Trillion miles away

According to Scientists: Exoplanet Corot-7b , one of hundreds of known Planets in our ever expanding Universe , has a rocky density similar to Earth.

However , if you’re planning on going there to form a Life Colony, be aware the trip is 500 Light years Away or stated another way : 3000 Trillion miles away. And once there the Temperature is a Hellish 3600 Fahrenheit

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First Photo of Extrasolar ExoPlanet

Astronomers have their first photos of Exoplanets , alien planets outside our solar system , courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope. An extrasolar planet [exoplanet] is a Planet beyond our Solar System , orbiting around another Star. The frequency of detection is increasing – with 61 planets detected in 2007.

The pictures show 4 likely planets that appear as specks of white – all are trillions of miles away — three of them orbiting the same star. None of these four giant gaseous planets are habitable or remotely like Earth.

In the past 16 years , Scientists have Discovered more than 300 planets outside our Solar System ,  by measuring changes in Gravity , Speed or Light around stars. The actual Photos are an important step Forward – Now we have a Picture.

The planet discovered by Hubble is about the size of Neptune and three times bigger than Jupiter. It circles the Star Fomalhaut which is 100 million times brighter than its Planet. The planet is only about 200 million years old and it’s Temperature is around 260 degrees.

Three other planets , 7 to 10 times larger than Jupiter were Confirmed , circling a star named HR 8799 in the Pegasus constellation. The star itself is about 767 trillion miles away.

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