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Socialism 1 France 0

Socialism 1,  France and the EU 0  [Zero!] It’s all over. France has elected a Socialist, Francois Hollande as their new President.

Obama’s dancing down the Champs-Élysées. Did the French learn nothing of the four year destruction of America’s economy by Marxist Czar Obama?

The Socialist Party will speed up the exodus of the wealthy out of France and the country will soon be a Muslim majority, welfare state.

All over the world, the globalists are attacking productivity and wealth because that means independence.

Socialists love being the only ones with the wealth. They enjoy poverty and pain for the masses.

Raise taxes on the producers and give poverty to the masses, it’s a fraud and the French have absolutely asked for it.

France is dying. The French culture is dying. All by globalist design.

The answer is not socialism and total control. RIP, France. Au Revoir.


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Indian Husbands Selling their Wives to Settle Debts

Farmers from Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, have resorted to Selling their Wives to Money Lenders to settle their Debts.

Due to failing crops and no money, the farmers are offering their wives in marriage contracts for 4000 to 12,000 Rupees. [$82 – 246 USD.]

The more Beautiful the Woman , the Higher the Price.

Once the new husband is tired of the woman , she may be resold to another man.

No Money No Honey.

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Financial Crisis Phony Economy Peter Schiff

The Government is Broke Folks. It’s Going to be a Disaster , a Greater Depression – the Politicians and Bankers – the Interference in the Market and Unemployment. The Criminals are Rewarded – The Sheep are ScaredSocialist Banking System is taking over a free economy. 

Full Blown DepressionPhony Borrow and Spend economy – more Dire Forecast HyperInflation – Savings and Wages Debased – Bad Mortgages sold to the Government – Trillions of Dollars in new liquidity. Savings is the root of a former Capitalist system.

The Economic Crisis is Only Just Beginning


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Dow Jones Stock Market in Free Fall to 7997

 The Financial Crisis has Wiped Out $6.7 TRILLION already since the S&P 500 High of Oct 2007. The Feeling is Much More is yet to come especially after Wednesdays announcement of NO BAILOUT for GM & Ford.

The Selling was so Intense on the NYSE that there were 2943 DECLINERS while only 158 companies traded positively. At the Closing Bell the Damage was DJIA Down 427 points to Free Fall Below the 8000 Barrier Finishing at 7997.28 on the Day.

Banks and Financials are still struggling. CITIGROUP is Laying Off more than 52,000 and the stock [C] has fallen sharply to a formerly unthinkable $6.48 a share. No Companys share price is Safe in this Financial Holocaust. How the Mighty Have Fallen.


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Fat Cats Burden US Taxpayers with Trillions of Dollars of Losses in the Marketplace

On Wall Street and in Washington, there is increasing expectation that U.S. taxpayers will either take the bad assets off the hands of financial institutions so they can raise capital, or put taxpayer capital into the companies, as the Treasury has agreed to do with mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As always the Middle Class Taxpayers are the ones who Lose. The Rich Do Get Richer and the Poor Do Get Poorer.

When you have a big loss in the marketplace, there are only three people that can take the loss [1] the bondholders, [2] the shareholders and [3] the government TAXPAYERS

The latest financial crisis is an area called CDS, credit default swaps, which are private contracts that let firms trade bets on whether a borrower is going to default. When a default occurs, one party pays off the other. The value of the swaps rise and fall according to the risk that a company won’t be able to honor its obligations. Firms use these instruments both as insurance to hedge their exposures to risk and to wager on the health of other companies. There are now credit default swaps on more than $62 trillion in debt, up from about $144 billion a decade ago.


One of the big new players in the swaps game was AIG, the world’s largest insurer and a major seller of credit-default swaps to financial institutions and companies. When the credit markets were booming, many firms bought these instruments from AIG, believing the insurance giant’s strong credit ratings and large balance sheet could provide a shield against bond and loan defaults. AIG believed the risk of default was low on many securities it insured.

The Biggest Bailout in History. $10,000 for every Man Woman & Child on Planet Earth. Thanks Federal Reserve, a private bank chartered by the U.S. government and UN-Constitutional. Do Your Own Research.

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