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Donald Trump Think Big

Donald Trump philosophy on how to think big.

Be thorough. Big ideas take big energy and momentum.

Stay focused. Think solutions. Seize opportunity.

Know everything you can about what you specialize in.

Like what you do. Do what you love. Above all, be passionate.

See yourself as victorious. Problems are challenges.

Be smart. You have something unique to offer. Move forward and just be successful.

You have what it takes to succeed.

Above all, never give up. Losers quit. Winners keep going on.

And remember, Think BIG.

” I like Thinking Big. I always have.” – Donald Trump

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for Tiger Woods to Win a Major he will have to focus and Relax

For Tiger Woods to win another major PGA golf tournament it appears he will have to focus and relax, especially before putting. The key word being Relax, to trust in your magnificence.

It would help immensely as well to talk like a champion rather than the negative self-programming in his post match British Open interview.

After Louis Oosthuizen destroyed the field at the 2010 British Open, Tiger Woods was quoted as saying  “ If I got something going, I would somehow find a way to stop the momentum … that’s just the way it goes. I’m not going to win all of them. I’ve lost a lot more than I’ve won.” – Tiger Woods

That’s not the Talk of a Champion.

” Trust is a Must or your game is a Bust.” – Bill Becks

By remaining totally focused and relaxed before every shot, Louis Oosthuizen has vaulted himself mentally and emotionally to the top of the golfing world.

His physical game came along for the ride, much to the joy of Dr. Karl Morris.

Relaxed focus is the Secret to his success.

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Don “Air” Coryell maverick NFL Football Coach Dead at 85

Don “Air” Coryell the maverick NFL coach and innovator of the modern day passing game is Dead at 85. Outsiders saw him as a very intense, focused offensive genius coach. But Coryell’s players say he liked to laugh and have fun and wanted his players to be happy. 

Known for his high-flying ” Air Coryell ” aerial passing attack, Coryell tried things that those before him never had. He spread the field with multiple-receiver sets, attacked defenses vertically and essentially created the “H-back” position, a hybrid fullback/tight end.

Super Bowl champion coaching wizards Bill Walsh and Mike Martz  used the Coryell blueprint to form their own offensive schemes, strategy and tactics.

A rarity, Coryell actually cared about his players. Legend Don Coryell, who put team and family above all else, will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2011.

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