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Americans are now known as the suckers of the World

Alex Jones says the goverment admits the Patriot Act and Homeland Security is for gunowners, Conservatives, Ron Paul supporters and returning Veterans. We’re told it’s for brown people.

What most people don’t understand – if you look at wars, it doesn’t matter who wins. We’re like Don King. We own both fighters. We own both sides.

The American government will pump Trillions of Dollars into Iraq and Afghanistan, playing both sides to her best advantage. And Secure boatloads of money for contractors and friends.

” Obama reads that teleprompter so well … It’s a complete acting job in Wasington DC.” – Kevin Trudeau

Believing we can win is a tipping  point for liberty – if we just believe and act like winners.

The nouveau riche, the new wealth and some of the ultra-rich who are new money, are under attack. They realize the Elite are waging war on them. The Globalists, after 500 years, are now going after Switzerland – shaking down the smaller accounts but leaving  the big, juicy ones alone.  

David Rockefeller is bragging about they’re going to end all tax havens, set a global tax rate to the OECD  and open announcements of Global Government, with these Bankers running it.

This tiny Elite are waging war not just on the middle class and poor but they’re going after a lot of big money.

In the USA when you pay your taxes, it’s not going to infrastructre – it goes to paying interest on the government debt and it’s going to the Bankers!  

Americans are now known as the suckers of the World. There’s no question about it. Americans were so free and had it so good.

The media in America brainwashes people to have the belief things should be a certain way. The majorty of Americans have never left America. People in America just don’t get it.

Have a great day.

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You are Under Attack Megabanks Global Hostile Takeover

” You are under attack ” says Alex Jones of Infowars.com It doesn’t matter where you’re from on the globe. You are under attack by an enemy that is sworn to establish a planetary tyranny.

Megabanks that control the national governments of the planet and who have created trillions of dollars of false fiat derivatives have literally taken over the Planet.  This is a global hostile takeover.

Globalization is tyranny. Globalism is offshore corporations combining forces and pooling their resources to buy off and take over foreign governments. And they use these nations as engines for their global corporate empire.

This is a global corporate takeover.

The UN is a creation of these private banks and it’s meant to absorb national sovereignity. The IMF World Bank have wrecked hundreds of third world countries with loans that were never meant to be paid back. 

What’s happening now is bigger than the private federal reserve takeover of 1913 because it’s worldwide. The robber barons who have created these trillions and trillions of dollars in derivatives as monetary weapons are engaged in a hostile corporate takeover of the free world. And it is happening now.

They have basically bankrupt the dollar the pound the euro the yen, the yuan. All major currencies are going the way of  Zimbabwe, where to buy a hamburger it cost 40 trillion Zimbabwean dollars.

The Six Private Banking Families are going to devalue our currencies now and they will then create a new SDR [special drawing rights] cashless money. It’s all admitted, imploded by design.

EU President Herbert Van Rompuy admits the G-20 is the global government. It will pay our carbon taxes to the private banking consortium. We’ll still have our devalued currencies and the Super Currency will now be this cashless system.

Wrecking our economy by design, the Dodd-Frank Wall St financial reform bill gives total control to the private federal reserve to oversee the$600 Trillion Derivatives Market.

The private Federal Reserve is the Holding Company of the Big 6 Banks here in the United States. This is a huge power grab.

In six months [ Jan 1, 2011 ] the Largest Tax Increases in American history will begin. It’s been passed and it will kick in with the 2011 New Year.

Expanding the power of big banks like never before seen while cutting benefits and raising taxes on the health care bill. There is no free health care. In fact, the quality of health care is going to be cut, because the insurance companies owned by the banks wrote that.

They can do this under the fascist-puppet, Barack Hussein Obama.


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