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Mercedes Benz F-Cell Invisible Car

Mercedes Benz and the F-CELL Invisible Car want to know how to promote the most innovative drive technology in the World.

Mercedes-Benz presents F CELL hydrogen fuel cell technology to the World Video:

Invisible Cars = 0 emissions, buddy. Mercedes car engineers claim zero emissions with this F-CELL technology since it emits only water vapor after burning the hydrogen fuel.

German automobile engineering. Mercedes-Benz: the best or nothing.

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Carmageddon Detroit Doomsday US Auto Death Watch

 The recent Free-Fall Stock Plunge has put Both Ford & GM on DEATH WATCH. I suppose they’ll be handed over on silver platters to JPMorgan too. How about RothschildGM , CentralBankChrysler or RockefellerFord ? The CEO of Chrysler Fears the Collapse of the US auto industry amid the Credit Crisis and Wall Street Meltdown.

World’s Largest Chevrolet dealer files Bankruptcy.  Bill Heard Enterprises has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Bill Heard Chevy had grown into the world’s largest Chevrolet dealer with more than $2 billion in sales a year , but now just another casualty of an easy-credit economy that relied on a sub-prime consumer base to keep sales churning. The company simply does not have the resources needed to continue to operate.

As many as 600 new-vehicle retailers in the US may fold or consolidate with other dealers this year. Capital One will stop financing auto dealers inventories in New Jersey and New York this month.

Auto finance companies were as guilty as mortgage lenders in providing loans to subprime borrowers and the nightmare is going to ravage them too. The car business depends on the availability of credit at every level. GM will have to obtain new financing from the government or private debt/equity to remain in business in North America.


Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian announced he has sold 7.3 million shares in Ford for an average price of 2.43 dollars per share and plans to divest his whole stake – 133,500,000 shares  6 percent of ALL Outstanding Ford Shares. Wouldn’t that mean Ford shares are going to plummet Below $2 a share?

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General Motors GM unveils Chevy Volt Electric Car 40 Miles No Gas

General Motors "GM" debuts its Chevy Volt Electric Car Designed to Drive 40 miles on a charge - Ready by 2011

General Motors


GM proudly debuted to the public the Chevy Volt Plug-In Electric Vehicle – a Car that is NOT powered by a gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine, nor is it a hybrid. The Volt is electric, powered by a 400 pound lithium ion battery nestled beneath the floorboard, an energy source that is both silent, and entirely emission-free. GM, and it’s commitment to the future, is hoping to roll out the Volt with the 2011 Year Model.

The Volt will have only one electric motor, powered by its new battery, and will go up to 40 miles without using a drop of gas – effectively eliminating gasoline from the majority of American lives. This will reduce the current $700 BILLION USD spent on Importing Oil to America, Help the Environment and Help GM and US Business and Economy recover from the Bush-Cheney Nightmare. A Win-Win.

The Volt should cost less than 2 cents per mile to drive on electricity, compared to 13 cents a mile on gasoline at a price of $3.90 a gallon. The retail price may be in the USD $40,000 range.

GM is expecting to produce at least 10,000 Volts in the car’s first year and higher numbers after that. 

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