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Gov Schwarzenegger Cash for Clutter Great California Garage Sale

The Great California Garage Sale is going on now until midnight Saturday. With a $26,000,000,000 [26 Billion] Budget Deficit California Needs Money. Jimmy Kimmel video ” Cash for Clutter “:

Gov. Schwarzenegger has autographed 15 cars that are up for Auction to the Highest Bidder. Office furniture and equipment , cellphones and laptops – everything must go , even surplus prison uniforms. What happened to don’t be economic girlie men video?

” This is a Win-Win for the State and for Shoppers , together we are eliminating waste and providing great deals in this tough economy ” – California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Bankrupt California Endangered Human Species List

Endangered Species Act restrictions on pumping water from the Sacramento – San Joaquin Delta to protect several species of fish have many Fresno area Farmers calling this shortage a ” man-made drought. ” Cuts in irrigation water deliveries have cost over 40,000 jobs and $900 million in farm revenues so far. With 400,000 acres idled due to lack of water – Fresno County and California stands to lose $474 million in taxes this year.

California Farms are Dying. Food prices will surely skyrocket. Paul Rodriguez ” Fish Don’t Vote , We Do – we need the water desperately , I can’t believe – this is totally Un-American. ” God Bless – Be Well.

California , the World’s 8th Largest Economy , is Out of Money. Governor Schwarzenegger has proposed deep cuts to social programs , including aid for the elderly, disabled and impoverished – plus cutbacks to schools and healthcare. California’s creditors have received ” reserve warrant ” IOU’s. Credit agency Fitch lowered its rating on California’s debt two notches from ” A minus ” to BBB – just two levels above Junk status.

California has a $26 Billion budget gap and Gov. Schwarzenegger and state lawmakers have not agreed on a solution. ” It’s a Sad Story .” – Arnold Schwartzenegger  Investors betting on California surviving and it’s not the end of the world as we know it , can receive future 3.57 % interest payments from the State. The IOU’s , reserve warrants , have also been showing up on Craigslist and eBay and selling for about 0.80 cents on the dollar.

Gov. Schwarzenegger – the Economic Girlie Man video:

” I Say , Don’t become Economic Girlie Men .” – Arnold Schwartzenegger

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