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Obama Economic Crash Coming

Obama fail – economic crash coming.

“ We’re just printing money. The Federal Reserve is now I’m estimating a Trillion and a half dollars [$1,500,000,000,000] in credit to the EU [European Union].

This propping up of Greece is a farce. Greece is going to default, it’s going to further default, Italy and a whole series of other countries in the EU.

The United States housing market is headed for worse than depression levels. Real unemployment, if you measured it accurately would be more like 22 or 25%.

The number of people on dependency of the Federal Government: food stamps, unemployment insurance, you name it is growing everyday.

We’re not going to create any jobs in an economy where government regulations are so tight.

We’re on a straight slide down in to a continuing global depression that will make the 30’s look like a picnic.” – Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD Harvard


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G20 Death of the Dollar Standard Birth One Central Bank

With the “Greatest Depressionplaying out on Bush’s watch , the G-2o finance ministers met in Washington and have given themselves until April 30 , 2009 to Overhaul the Worlds Financial System. The next G-20 Summit will probably be held then in London.  The World has , in effect , Elected a new Body to Oversee the International Capitalist Economy.

One meeting did not solve the world’s problems but the leaders of the G-20 countries resolved to “take whatever further actions are necessary” to stabilize the financial system. They pledged to strengthen both the regulation of financial markets and the protection of investors.

It was agreed that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund [IMF] need to be revitalised and refinanced to meet the challenges of the New World Order.

A new global currency will one day be developed.

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