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Lolo Jones HBO 30 year old Virgin

Lolo Jones HBO 30 year old Virgin special edition of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, as interviewed by Mary Carillo.

“ I want to wait until I’m married to have sex – It’s a gift I want to give to my husband.

If they’re making a sequel to the 30 year old virgin, I’m their candidate.” – Lori LoLo Jones


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Glenn Beck 8/28 Restoring Honor

Glenn Beck’s 8 /28  Event attracted as many as 300,000 American patriots in front of the Lincoln Monument on Aug. 28 in Washington DC, America.

Beck, the conservative, millionaire broadcaster stated that the US has wandered in darkness for too long. America, today begins to turn back to God.

Sarah Palin was greeted with a rousing USA, USA, USA from the conservative American patriots at the 8-28 rally.

” We must restore America and restore her honor.” – Sarah Palin

The Glenn Beck 8-28 Project.

Honor. You are Powerful, Intelligent and Capable. 8-28 be there at the Mall of Washington. Honor. Amen, brother.

” To restore America, we must restore ourselves.” – Glenn Beck

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