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LA Kings of NHL Hockey 2012

L.A. the new Kings of NHL Hockey won the 2012 Stanley Cup tonight completing a dream playoff run and season for Conn Smythe MVP Trophy winning goalie Johnathan Quick.

The LA Kings need to lock up a long term contract with Quick who has one year remaining. Check out his performance:

  1. 1.49 GA in the playoffs – NHL Record
  2. 10 consecutive playoff road games – NHL Record
  3. 16-4 Playoffs won-loss – Tied NHL Record
  4. Won first three games of all four playoff series.
  5. Most playoff shutouts one season in NHL history.

For the first time, after waiting 45 years, the LA Kings have won the Stanley Cup. They’re young enough, big and fast enough to do it again.

Los Angeles Kings became the first NHL eighth seed to win a title and they did so by winning a record 10 straight road games.

The city of LA has another champion sports franchise. The NHL has the Figueroa Street Bullies.

Congratulations to the whole LA Kings team and the professionalism of coach Darryl Sutter. Hermosa Beach, California will be rocking tonight.

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Oil Prices Roller Coaster Ride by the Powers That Be

 Oil prices have dropped sharply in recent weeks with the economic crisis and lower consumption in developed nations. In New York , oil futures fell 8% to $68.57 a barrel Thursday – their lowest level since June 2007. It did move back up to $ 70.88 a barrel by midday but overnight retreated to $69.85 Oil has lost more than half its value since hitting a record $147.27 a barrel in July.

Who Controls Oil Prices? – IMF World Bank – OPEC – Iraq Iran – Investors – New York London – ICE Inter Continental Exchange – here’s a some what disturbing video answer

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