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Capitalism Works Peter Schiff

Capitalism works says Peter Schiff. It’s unfortunate that you have the central bank giving capitalism a bad name and fueling class warfare.

Average Americans are getting poorer. The value of their wages and savings is being destroyed by the government and federal reserve.

Wealth redistribution scheme Video:

The US has the highest corporate tax rate in the world while Fortune 100 companies write the loopholes and they pay no tax, 0 or 2.5% tax.

“ Capitalism works everywhere it’s tried. Socialism prevents capitalism from working. Inflation is the most vicious form of taxation.

Prices are rising because the government is printing money. Your purchasing power is being robbed.” – Peter Schiff.

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Dollar Down to 77 Gold Up to 1000

Money is Losing Value with Governments creating Inflation and Gold is Going Up. The price of Gold is Rising.

Well Stated , Peter Schiff. Take care everybody.

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Deflation or Inflation You Gotta Eat

October Retail Sales and prices of goods imported to the USA dropped by the most on record pointing to a rising danger of Deflation. Deflation is caused by a collapse in demand and is associated with  Recession and in this case it certainly appears to be a long term economic depression. Money & Products : Supply & Demand. Deflation is the opposite of Inflation meaning a decrease in the general price level.

The decline in sales was led by a huge drop in Car purchases , but sales of all types of department store products from Furniture , Electronics , Clothing, Sporting Goods and more were all hard hit. Ask Chrysler , ask Circuit City they’re all going bankrupt.

Restaurants & Grocery Stores were about the only retail area that showed a gain. You Gotta Eat no matter the Financial Carnage going on. Shoppers searching for discounts on groceries gave sales a lift at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart may be the only Large Retailer to hold its own this Holiday Season.


Oil Prices have Fallen 60% during the last four months after reaching $148 in July. Light Sweet Crude for December delivery fell to $57 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

The Dow Closed Friday at 8497. S&P 500 at 873. Nasdaq at 1517. “Cash is King” –  Jim Rogers

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