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Magician Parlor Scam Need to Know Basis

Magician Parlor Scam on a need to know basis. Alex Jones Soapbox Speech to Humanity.

When the population becomes decadent, stops caring and stops getting involved – evil floods in to all the major systems of power in the Government and in the Corporations, and society implodes.

We live in a Country and a World where World Government is openly being established.

And where Trillions of Dollars in Tax Money is being paid to Offshore Banks and the ruling elite.

Where did the Money go? We’re not going to tell you.

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your Income is Determined primarily by your Philosophy

Our Incomes are determined primarily by our philosophies.

Even with a modest income, if you have a good economic plan, you can become financially independent.

Jim Rohn Video:  “New Concepts”

New Concept. Screw the economy. The economy doesn’t have to change.

My philosophy has to change and my paycheck is going to be determined by my philosophy.

” Your income is determined primarily by your philosophy.” – Jim Rohn


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Info they don’t want you to know the truth about

They don’t want you to know the truth about what’s happening with the money supply. They don’t want you to know the truth about the food supply in America is so depleted of nutritional value. 

Supression of the free flow of information by intimidation – info they don’t want you to know. Ritalin is hurting children. Prozac-type drugs causes psychotic behavior.  

They don’t want you to know the truth about natural cures. Modest amounts of Sunlight, Vitamin D and marine grade Coral Calcium help stimulate the body naturally.

” I’m having a Great Crisis.” – George Soros

What most people don’t understand is that on television there is a certain agenda the hosts have to promote. They are told they have to take a definite viewpoint.

” The information you’re getting on the major media – the people are actors. They’re reading a teleprompter … the information people are getting from the mainstream media is so skewed I would tell everyone, stop watching the news on television. Just shut it off. You are being brainwashed beyond belief.

Get the information from alternative sources that don’t have the filters. With truthful information and your eyes open you can make intelligent decisions and you will do better in your life. ” – Kevin Trudeau

” Doing good moral things and becoming successful – that is the American way.” – Alex Jones

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