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your Income is Determined primarily by your Philosophy

Our Incomes are determined primarily by our philosophies.

Even with a modest income, if you have a good economic plan, you can become financially independent.

Jim Rohn Video:  “New Concepts”

New Concept. Screw the economy. The economy doesn’t have to change.

My philosophy has to change and my paycheck is going to be determined by my philosophy.

” Your income is determined primarily by your philosophy.” – Jim Rohn


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Census Bureau US Income Decreasing US Poverty Increasing

The Census Bureau reports that the over 13% US Poverty Rate is at a 12 Year High. Double Digit Unemployment Rates have US Income Decreasing and Poverty Increasing in America.

The US Government defines Poverty as $22,000 for a Family of 4 and $14,000 for a Family of 2. In 2009 , in America , 25% of Children live in Poverty.

Jim Rohn’s the Lesson of the Seasons: You Cannot change the Seasons – You Can Change Yourself. Therein Lies the Secret of Success, of Living an Extraordinary Life – Learning to Change Yourself.

Work Harder on Yourself than You do on your Job. If You work hard on your job you can make a Living – if You work hard on Yourself you can Make a Fortune.

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How to Have Your Best Year Ever

How to Have Your Best Year Ever Become More Valuable Work Harder on Yourself than on your Job Jim Rohn

How to Have Your Best Year Ever Become More Valuable Work Harder on Yourself than on your Job Jim Rohn

How to Have Your Best Year Ever – in 17 minutes. Listen to Jim Rohn’s  Powerful Inspiring Message and Go to the Next Level.

Jim Rohn is an American “Rags to Riches” Entrepreneur , Millionaire Lecturer and Motivational Speaker perhaps best known for being Anthony “Tony” Robbins Mentor.

Some of his Core Philosophy on how He Transformed from a Farm Boy in Idaho with Pennies in His Pocket to World Famous Millionaire Motivator is to: Work Harder on Yourself – than on your Job. Formal Education will Make you a Living – Self Education Will Make You a Fortune. Money and Success is not to be Pursued – it is to Be Attracted by the Person You Become. We Get Paid for Bringing Value to the Marketplace.

Ok now sit back – Relax and Enjoy these Potentially Life-Transforming Videos. With a Little Desire and Discipline You Will Have Your Best Year Ever.

Be Very Valuable to the Marketplace. Be Valuable – Get Money. Why Not just Become More Valuable? The Key to Success is to Become More Valuable. Than Become More Valuable , More Valuable , and More Valuable.

How Did I Become Worth Millions? I Changed – I Changed I Turned My Life Around – It Is Possible to Become Worth Millions! Here’s The Secret – Learn to Work Harder on Yourself than on Your Job! Once I Got That – It Turned My Life Around! Work Harder on Yourself than on Your Job.

PHILOSOPHY – ATTITUDE – ACTIVITY   [3 Things] My Attitude + My Activity = My RESULTS. I’m Sold on that Plan [that equation]. Buy the Right Plan. What a Happy Scenario.

With the Wisdom of the World Available – How Many Books Have You Read? Change Your Life – Change Your Future – Earn the Income You Want – Have the Relationships You Want – Have All the Treasures You Want – Everything that You Want is Available with the Wisdom of the World Available to Help You Get It.

You Don’t Need to Unmess the Country , Straighten Out this stuff.  Look Within and Let Results Teach You a Great Deal about your Own Activity , Your Own Attitude and Your Own Philosophy. Thats Enough to Turn Your Life Around:

RESULTS is the Name of the Game. What other game is there? Results! Make Progress. This Stuff is Simple. Philosophy , Attitude , Discipline. It’s Called the Process of Life Change , an Upward Positive Motion.

It’s Called Life Change:  Income Change , Health Change , Relationship Change – Equities Unprecedented that You Can Have in Numbers that will Stagger the Imagination – if You Do Not Curse What’s Available and Start Amending Whats Possible – to Get The Results that You Want.

The Day That Turns Your Life Around – I’ve Got 4 Parts to the Day that turns Your Life around: Number 1 is DISGUST [I’ve Had It] Never Again! Its called a Life Changing Day when You can say  Enough is Enough. Number 2 is DECISION , decision making is a Life Changing Day. What an Inspiring Day the Day You Can Decide. 

Number 3 is DESIRE , Wanting To Bad Enough. A Trigger to Turn Everything On. Number 4 is RESOLVE , Resolve Says I WILL , two of the Most Powerful Words there are. I’ll Do It or Die. Promise Yourself to Never Give Up. Keep Trying UNTIL , Until what a Magical Word – Until how ever long that is. Go For It , Grow , Become. PAY THAT PRICE.

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