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China beginning to Own the United States

Fox News reported that China is beginning to own the United States financially by owning so much of the Obama Administrations massive debt and collecting the subsequent massive cash money interest payments.

China has $900 Billion invested in US Treasury bonds. Treasury bonds are how the US borrows money. They issue government securities which other countries and institutions buy.

The balance of power is shifting militarily as well with China’s developent of the Dong Feng 21-D missile Kill Weapon system which may have the capability of destroying a Supercarrier aircraft carrier up to 1800 miles away.

China has become a military superpower and the USA can no longer simply assume naval supremacy as it has since the end of World War II.

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Dong Feng 21-D Chinese Missile Worlds First ASBM DF 21-D

The US Department of Defense has reported that China is developing the world’s first land-based anti-ship ballistic missile [ASBM]  named Dong Feng 21-D.

 [DF 21-D] has a range from 1200 up to 1900 miles [3000 km] depending on its payload and other factors. The DF 21-D ballistic missile warhead may travel along at a hypersonic speed of 15,000 MPH.

The US Navy is unrivaled in its ECM [Electronic Counter Measures] capabilities, but this is the first real threat in some time.

If its targeting system proves accurate, the Dong Feng 21-D [DF-21D] is the first weapons system capable of targeting and destroying a moving aircraft carrier with a single strike warhead from long-range, land-based mobile launchers.

The Dong Feng 21-D is a deterrent to Supercarriers from any intervention in the Taiwan Strait.  

And the USA can no longer assume naval supremacy as it has since the end of World War II.

The American way of life is a little less safe today.

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