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Kim Jong ill? No he’s Dead

Kim Jong il? No, he’s dead.

North Korea’s Supreme Commander of the People’s Army, Kim Jong-il has died at the age of 69. North Korean State media announced the Great Comrade passed away from a heart attack.

Pyong-yang’s long standing enemy, South Korea immediately put its armed forces on high alert and the government in Seoul declared the situation an emergency.

Kim Jong-il’s youngest son, Kim Jong-un, has been named his successor over the most reclusive country on Planet Earth including it’s 1 million active duty troops and nuclear capability.

Born under a double rainbow, Dear Leader’s body is now lying in state in a mausoleum in the capital, before a funeral service on December 28th.

Until then, a period of mourning has been declared in the country and the subjects were instructed to weep uncontrollably for media cameras.

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Laura Ling Euna Lee North Korea Special Pardon Bill Clinton

Laura Ling and Euna Lee , the two journalists who snuck in illegally to North Korea , engaged in unspecified hostile acts and were sentenced to 12 years at hard labor in a North Korean Prison Camp

 received a Special Pardon from Kim Jong Il after former US President Bill Clinton visited North Korea to negotiate a release.

North Korean State Media said that after Bill Clinton Apologized for the two female journalists –

North Korea pardoned Ling & Lee in a spirit of  humanitarian and peaceloving policy.

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North Korea Nuclear Weapons State Kim Jong-il WMD

DMZ Demilitarized Zone between South and North Korea

A North Korean ship at sea , the ” Kang Nam ” is being monitored by the US Navy – United States of America officials said today. Here is an AP Video with US Secretary of Defense , Robert Gates Speaking.

This following an underground nuclear explosion , a launch of a short range missile and a saying that if the US boards a North Korean ship it will be considered a ” Declaration of War ” Video:

Request of a PEACE TREATY video:

28,500 US Military troops stationed in South Korea Video

North Korea’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN , Pak Tok Hun , said in New York ” What is Important is to put an End to Hostile Policy , in particular the hostile policy of  the United States and Japan . We have Not any Intention but to DEFEND OURSELVES . ”

Dr. Ron Pauls’ take on North Korea’s threat -a country that can’t even feed its citizens – how it is able to intimidate the US again.

North Korea abandons truce signed with South Korea at end of Korean War.

Personal Freedom Ends in the Peoples Republic of Korea where it is illegal for the masses of North Koreans to look Foreigners in the Eye. – Documentary Video

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