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Miami Zombie Man Eating Face

Miami zombie apocalypse, nude man eating face shot dead by police on MacArthur causeway. Causeway Cannibal has been identified as Rudy Eugene 31 [deceased].

Miami cannibal attack picture photo Rudy Eugene deceased and victim Ronald Poppo who lost 70% of his face

Victim Ronald Poppo 65 left and right Miami Cannibal Rudy Eugene 31 deceased

Ronald Poppo, a 65 year old Miami homeless man, has been identified as the victim in the horrific face-chewing attack.

Miami Police Detective William Moreno said Eugene continued to chew on Poppo’s face even after he was shot. It took five more rounds to disable and kill Rudy Eugene.

WARNING: graphic photo from crime scene

Miami cannibal attacker crime scene photo a dead Rudy Eugene lying next to his critically injured face eaten off victim Ronald Poppo on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami FL

Crime scene photo Miami cannibal attack Rudy Eugene shot dead by police after the nude man ate face off victim Ronald Poppo

An eyewitness said that the causeway cannibal was like a zombie, tearing off 75% of his victim’s face and growling like an animal at the police officer who shot him.

WARNING: Extremely graphic, gruesome, horrific picture of Miami man who lost 3/4 of his face, eaten off by cannibal attacker

Whatever you do, don’t look. I beg of you, Leave immediately. Not for the faint of heart.

zombie apocalypse gruesome horrific graphic violence photos of 70% of nude man eats face victim pic in Miami FLA

Cannibal man eats face pictures graphic violence in Miami Florida horrific photos on gruesome zombie apocalypse Memorial Weekend

Homicide investigators believed the Miami cannibal was under the influence of a designer drug, LSD related bath salts.

Highway to hell on Memorial Day weekend. Stay safe.


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Jaycee Dugard Phillip Garrido Gods Desire Church Antioch CA

Jaycee Dugard [29] was originally kidnapped 18 years ago at a school bus stop near her South Lake Tahoe home. The kidnapper and rapist – Phillip Garrido [58] – a registered sex offender and founder of God’s Desire Church in Antioch CA ,  has been arrested.

CNN three minute interview with Phillip Garrido : ” You’re going to find the most powerful story coming from the witness , the victim You just wait and see … in the end you’re going to find the most powerful , heart warming story and believing something that needs to be understood. ”

One opens up a can of worms when investigating Garrido – his God’s Desire Church , passion for mind control and the power of the human mind. He can hear the Voices through the Box. 

“themanwhospokewithhismind” and his blog Voices Revealed where he talks of speaking in tongues and salvation of the entire world.


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