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Two Classes of People living on Planet Earth

According to Kevin Trudeau, The NWO / Bilderberg Group do categorically believe there are two classes of people living on Planet Earth – the Ruling Elite class and the worker bee class. They do believe through genes and DNA they are genetically powerful enough to rule the other class.

Now, because they have Robotics, the elites no longer need so many from the worker class and wouldn’t mind curbing overpopulation. In a matter of fact way, the elitists discuss getting rid of two thirds of the dumb people off the planet. They think it’s for the benefit of Planet Earth and themseles. 

The elites belief is that the workers won’t listen. They want to be slaves. Their sales pitch is the slaves don’t want to be free. The big joke is you can even tell the public the media is lying to them, and they don’t want to believe it. 

Kevin Trudeau, in his book natural cures they don’t want you to know about, was the first to say Drug companies don’t want to find a cure. All they want to do is sell drugs.

Drug companies legal responsibility is to increase shareholder value . If a drug company’s goal was to cure all disease they’d be bankrupt. They do not want to cure disease. They do want to sell drugs.

Kevin Trudeau was the first guy on national TV to say Consumer lending is going to explode, the housing markets going to crash and foreclosures are going to go through the roof.

Look 75% of Americans in the next three years are going to lose their jobs, get a reduction in pay or go from fulltime to parttime. It’s a designed reduction in standard of living from the New World Order. The smart ones who work hard and smart will succeed.

Less money coming in means Taxes will go up.

The first, number one way to control the planet is control the money and that’s control the banks.

Water is the next oil. If you control the water supply and water flows you have even more control than you do with oil.

Hollywood is used as the way to begin to desensitize people to different concepts. They create markets.

” If you know the inside scoop of things, making money is the easiest thing in the world to do. The economic downturn doesn’t affect the people at the highest levels.” – Kevin Trudeau

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United States Senator Ted Kennedy Dead at 77

Ted Kennedy dead at 77. [EMK] The under achieving brother of former US President John F. [JFK] Kennedy , born into unlimited wealth , power and promise –

Edward M. ” Ted ” Kennedy played it safe and was the third longest serving US Senator in History  [47 years] Time Served. Ah, what could have been.


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Half a Billion Dollars Donated to Clinton Foundation

 Former President Bill Clinton disclosed the names of 200,000 + Contibutors to his William J Clinton Foundation. Over the past decade they have Donated Half a Billion Dollars – this is One Organization that will Not be requiring a Bailout. It’s a Cash Cow.

Here is a List of the Top 37 Heavy Hitters – the Full List can be Found on  ClintonFoundation.org

Greater than $25,000,000
The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

$10,000,001 to $25,000,000
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Stephen L. Bing
COPRESIDA-Secretariado Tecnico
Fred Eychaner
Frank Giustra, CEO The Radcliffe Foundation
Tom Golisano
The Hunter Foundation
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The ELMA Foundation
Theodore W. Wait

$5,000,001 to $10,000,000
Government of Norway

Nationale Postcode Loterij
Haim Saban Family Foundation
Michael Schumacher
The Wasserman Foundation

$1,000,001 to $5,000,000
S.D. Abraham
Absolute Return for Kids (ARK)
Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi
Alltel Corporation
Nasser Al-Rashid

Smith and Elizabeth Bagley
The Eli & Edythe Broad Foundation
Richard Caring Gilbert R. Chagoury
Citi Foundation
Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative 
Victor P. Dahdaleh Charitable Foundation
Robert Disbrow
Dubai Foundation
Elton John AIDS Foundation
Mr. Issam M. Fares & The Wedge Foundation
Wallace W. Fowler
Friends of Saudi Arabi 

On the Dark Side: The Organization Accepted Multi Million Dollar Gifts from a variety of foreign governments – companies and individuals who might have an interest in United States Foreign Policy.

And on the Gloriously Bright Side:

The Internet has made it Possible for People of modest means – if they All Agree on One Thing – to Change the World !   Do Something – Make a Difference – Live Your Dreams”    – Bill Clinton


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