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Money in your Mouth

Money in your Mouth video with Bill Maher, Money Man Mitt Romney, Rappers Kanye West, 50 Cent [get rich or die trying] and Tupac.

The comedy stylings of Bill Maher comparing Venture Capitalist Mitt Romney [get equity or die trying] with Rappers like 50 Cent of Get Rich or Die Trying fame.

Funny thing is Kanye West is doing BOTH – helping poor people AND having money in his mouth. Talk about no limits. Kanye West puts his money where his mouth is.

“ Get equity or die trying … What would you rather do, help poor people or have money in your mouth?” – Bill Maher

Money in your mouth, please.

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Tony Robbins Wayne Dyer No Limits Lifestyle

Great Stuff. No Limits Lifestyle. Successful People Recall the Good. Remember the Flowers. Glorious.

Never Look Back, Move On.  We Are what we Think About.  Great Lesson.  Meditate on that.  Satori. Its All within My Power. When You Change the Way You Look at Things – The Things You Look At Change.  Wonderful – Freedom – Yes …


Part 2.  Confidence . Picasso had to Paint, I have to Write. Learn What You Love – Experience It. Surrender – Trust.  Relax – Divine Guidance. I’m Good at this. GET ON PURPOSE ! Meditate – Know What You Want to Do. Absolute Knowing – You have Guidance Available to You. You are Not alone.  Surround Yourself  with the Things You Want and Know it will be there. Real Magic – Manifesting Miracles in Your Life – Health Wealth Prosperity. Flow, Fabulous. Off of Outcome and On Purpose.

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