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Happy New World Order Year 2012

Happy New World Order Year 2012. It’s happened ladies and gentlemen.

While you were busy partying, Obama signed the NDAA bill into law, on the New Years Eve countdown.

A little New Years present.

Even US citizens may now be arrested, tortured and detained indefinitely without charge or trial, by the military.

Indefinite detention. It was a very good year for the NWO New World Order.

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Obama Acted Stupidly Socialism to America Bankrupting the USSA

Obama said the Cambridge Police ” Acted Stupidly ” in arresting Professor Gates. Main Street America said Obama Acted Stupidly abolishing Free Market Capitalism and bringing Socialism / Fascism to America¬†and Bankrupting the Masses of Americans in the New World Order process.

Alex Jones made a full-length Documentary Movie about the Obama Deception. The errand boy Agent of Fed Reserve Bank of NY , Goldman Sachs and Wall St is a Cruel Hoax. He Reports , You Decide.

Indeed , Change we can all believe in – Welcome to the USSA.

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