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Obama in Ghana Africa – Africas Future is Up to Africans

US President Barack Obama was greeted with much fanfare and hope when he visited Ghana , Africa promoting Military Bases and Democracy in an Oil Rich Country. In his formal televised speech from Accra , Obama stated: ” Africa is a fundamental part of our interconnected world – Africa’s Future is Up to Africans ! ” and ” I have the Blood of Africa Within Me. ”  

Obama later said ” An Essential Truth of Democracy is that Each Nation Determines its Own Destiny but what America Will Do is Increase Assistance to Responsible Individuals and Responsible Institutions. We have a Responsibility to Support those who Act Responsibly and to ISOLATE THOSE WHO DON’T  and that is Exactly What America Will Do.

” Ghana , for instance , OIL BRINGS GREAT OPPORTUNITIES … oil cannot simply become the new cocoa. ”

” We are All GOD’s Children , we all share common aspirations… America has the Responsibility to work with you as a Partner and let me be clear , Our Africa Command is Focused not on Establishing a Foothold in this Continent but on confronting common challenges that affect Africa , America and the World ”

” as I said earlier , Africa’s Future is Up to Africans – I know Africans can Live their Dream – The World will Be what You Make of it – YOU HAVE THE POWER – YOU CAN DO THAT , YES YOU CAN. Yes, We Can – Thank You Very Much  ”  – US President Barack Obama

This is nothing new – He’s up to his old tricks – playing Citizens of Earth as Fools. No Wealth for the Masses as Leaders Exploit the Economy to Enrich Themselves. Bankruptcy knows No Color. A video on Africom:

United States Africa Command

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