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Sausage and Cancer

Sausage and cancer. Researchers in Sweden say eating too much processed meat may lead to cancer.

Eating two bacon or one sausage a day may increase a person’s risk of developing deadly pancreatic cancer by 20%.

Eating sausages combined with smoking increases the likelihood of pancreatic cancer by a whopping 74%.


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Dirty Dancing Actor Patrick Swayze Dead at 57

Popular Actor Patrick Swayze is dead at 57 from pancreatic cancer.

Patrick Swayze with Jennifer Grey in Movie ” Dirty Dancing ” video:

Patrick Swayze with Demi Moore in Movie ” Ghost ” video:

Patrick Swayze with Chris Farley in Chippendales Skit from SNL video:

Patrick Swayze , Hard Talk BBC Interview video:

Making a Career on Movies that Touch the Heart

I have to have a Sense of Passion or Purpose in my life.

” So many of us don’t jump on the wagon because of Fear. I think Fear’s just another Concept. Fear can become your friend if you learn to use it and make it work for you. In relationships and everything , if you’re scared of it , jump into it. Fall in Love. ” – Patrick Swayze

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