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Money motivates poor people Power motivates the Rich

The number one motivator of the average person is Money. Now some people say it’s Sex and that’s true but it’s generally Money. So money is the #1 motivator.

90% of people in jail are in there because of a money related crime – they tried to sell drugs, rob a bank, mug somebody or fraud. It’s all about wanting money illegally. 

But when you talk about the elite class – when you have all the money you need or want, the motivation then is Power.Power supercedes the motivation for money. They want to control things.

From an economic standpoint – we have this huge tsunami coming -a huge hurricane, it’s going to hit. People are going to be affected. Forget what you hear on the news. It’s going to get economically worse. Taxes are going up. Your income is going down. Fees are going up.

There will be inflation to some degree. Property taxes going up. Property values going down.

If you get out of debt, they can’t control you as much. Pay off your credit card debt. Pay down your mortgage and they can’t control you that much.

There are 6 major areas of control. #1 is the money supply. The number one goal is always to control the money.

#2 is you have to control the media. Because if you control TV, radio, newspapers and magazines then you control the thoughts and feelings of the population.

#3 is control drugs and health care. Controlling health care automatically controls the population in forcing injections. So that makes the government God, makes you go to them and forces eugenics on the masses. The drugs are used specifically to Mind-down the population.

 #4 FOOD  #5 WATER and #6 Roads and Travel

They are afraid you stop voting Republican/Democrat. Guys like Ron Paul freak them out.

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