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Modigliani Sculpture Tete sells for record $52 Million at Christies auction

Tete, a rare 1911 limestone sculpture by Amedeo Modigliani, recently sold at a Christies auction in Paris for a record $52,000,000 USD

Modigliani sculpture Tete sold at Christies auction in Paris for a record 52 Million dollars
Tete a rare limestone sculpture by Amedeo Modigliani sold for a record 52 Million Dollars at a Christies auction in Paris France


Like Picasso and Matisse, Modigliani achieved distinction in painting, sculpture and drawing.

He is best known for his paintings. There are only 27  known Modigliani sculptures in the world.

Tete’s beauty, mystery and allure have endured for 99  years. The elongated face with flowing hair sculpture represents streamlined simplicity and quiet nobility.
Tete, received fierce bidding and ultimately sold for ten times Christies expected result price. $43 Million Euros [$52 Million USD] is the highest price ever achieved for any work of art sold at auction in France.
The rare art market is alive and well.


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