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Andy Roddick Roger Federer Great Tennis Epic 5 Set Mens Finals Wimbledon 2009

Two Champions walked off the Wimbledon Center Court in the Mens Finals 2009. Andy Roddick gave Roger Federer all he could handle in a Five Set Match for the ages: 5-7  7-6  7-6  3-6  16-14 

Roddick Won an Incredible 39 Games in One Match and held serve in every game in regulation time but somehow was not holding the Gold Trophy at the end of the match.

Andy Roddick Interview Wimbledon 2009 video

Andy Roddick Interview and Video Highlights of Semi-Final win over Andy Murray.

Hats Off to the Classy Roger Federer – now the all time winningest Grand Slam Tennis player with 15 Grand Slam Titles. He is World #1 and perhaps the Greatest Tennis Player of All Time. Roger Federer – The Making of a Legend Video:

Trophy Presentation and Post Match Interviews video:

One of the Best Wimbledon Finals Matches of All-time

Champion Roger Federer 5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14 Andy Roddick Wimbledon Mens Finals 2009

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