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John Wooden UCLA Basketball Wizard of Westwood Dead at 99

John Wooden the Hall of Fame Basketball Coach and Player is Dead at 99 years of age. Be true to yourself, help others,  make each day your Masterpiece and give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day.

The Wizard of Westwood won 8 Championships in 10 years [7 in a row] with an 88 game win streak. John Wooden was the first to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as both a player and a Coach.

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Academy Award Winning Actor Role Model Karl Malden Dead at 97

Karl Malden – born Mladen Sekulovich – in Chicago 1912 , is dead at 97. He won his Academy Award Oscar as Best Supporting Actor in the 1951 movie ” A Streetcar Named Desire. ”  

He was also in ” On The Waterfront ” ,  ” How The West Was Won ”  , ” Pollyanna ” , ” The Cincinnati Kid ”

 ” Baby Doll ”

and ” Patton ”

among several others. Karl Malden lived a Rich , Full Life and died of Natural Causes.

“It was a Pleasure – it was a Joy – I Loved every minute of it. ” – Karl Malden

Karl Malden was the consummate actor and he loved acting. He performed on the Broadway Theater , in Movies and Film on the Big Screen , on a successful television series with Michael Douglas and even worked for decades as an Advertising Pitchman for the American Express Travellers Check Commercial – ” Don’t Leave Home Without Them. ”

People’s Choice Awards 1996 where Michael Douglas called Karl Malden his Mentor. Family Man and All-around Good Guy – Karl Malden recently celebrated his 70th Wedding Anniversary. Look around whats going on in this Planet – This is a Role Model , folks. 

Karl Malden’s Classic Sermon from Pollyanna Movie : Death Comes Unexpectedly – Amen!

” After I die , I don’t want you to do anything but have a party ” – Karl Malden

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