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Running of the Bulls Pamplona Spain Man Gored to Death

A man was Gored to Death by a bull during the running of the bulls at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona Spain. The unidentified man ” Al ” was Gored to Death when his neck and lung was punctured from the quick strike of bull horns belonging to the bull nicknamed ” Cappucino “.

Here is a video from a previous years bull run at Pamplona. This one looked a lot worse , a lot more dangerous:

He is the 15th person to Die in the history of the 98 year old festival. The run is in the morning and all the bulls from that days run die in the bullring in the afternoon choreographed bullfight show. 

2007 Pamplona bull run goring video , again from a lone straggler bull, this time a guy standing in a doorway:

The festival and running of the bulls in Pamplona was made world famous by Ernest Hemingway and his 1926 book The Sun Also Rises.

 The 2009 San Fermin Festival is on until July 14. Good Seats still available.

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