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40th Anniversary NASA 1969 Apollo 11 staged Moon Landing

Houston , Tranquility Base here – The Eagle Has Landed. July 20 , 1969 NASA Apollo 11 Moon Landing 40th Anniversary. Neil Armstrong , One Small Step for Man – One Giant Leap for Mankind. Moon Landing Video:

Neil Armstrong remembering his accomplishment and video highlight Moon Memories, blastoff to landing – Apollo 11 , 1969.

Self-sufficient Lunar Settlements – Colonizing the Moon video:

We Live in a Universe Without Bounds , however, is it Impossible for Humans to Travel to the Moon , because of the Van Allen Radiation Belt?    

Moon Landing Hoax Video – questions about Van Allen Radiation Belt deadly radiation, no blast crater , no stars , shadows , flag waving in airless environment, etc Fake Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy theory Video:

NASA’s 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Space Mission Moon Landing – one of the most outstanding achievements of 2oth Century Man. Video:

Current Space Exploration Low Earth Orbit Space Shuttle video:

and the Future of Space Exploration , Astronauts will need a New Transporter to Carry us to New Worlds.

What lies Ahead for the Future of Space Exploration?


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Space Shuttle Endeavour Rockets Toward Intl Space Station

7:55 PM EST from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Florida under a Bright Full Moon , the Space Shuttle Endeavour Blasted Off , Lighting Up the Night-Time Sky as it Rockets toward its Rendevous with the International Space Station on Sunday Afternoon. 

Endeavour Commander Chris Ferguson , Shuttle Pilot Eric Boe and Five Mission Specialists will be aboard the Intl Space Station to celebrate its 10th anniversary on November 20th.

NASA’s new Water Recovery System will make it possible for six crew members to Live Aboard the International Space Station. Some of the other “Home Improvement” Cargo are a $19 Million toilet , kitchen , two more bedrooms and the first-ever Space Cooler that will allow Astronauts to have Cold Drinks.

Four Maintenance Space Walks are also Planned. The 27th shuttle mission to the space station is due to Land back on Earth November 29th or 30th.

Good Luck , Godspeed and have a Happy Thanksgiving in Orbit.

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