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Sell in May and Go Away

Sell in May and go away, the popular and profitable Wall St stock market trading strategy, looks better than ever in 2012.

With the DJIA above 13,200 and the uncertainty with the European Union it appears the time is now to close out your position. Stocks certainly appear overvalued here.

Now may be the time to form your corporation, start a business or company providing that needed product or service.

Add in $16,000,000,000,000 of USA debt and the real unemployment number closer to 20% in America.

I’m advising my clients to take the money and run. We had a great 3 year run.

Buying in November and selling in April has historically worked best in the stock market.

As always, best of success in everything.


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Securities and Exchange Commission SEC rule on Naked Short Selling

Short sellers bet against a stock. They borrow a company’s shares – sell them –  and then buy them when the stock falls and return the shares to the lender while pocketing the difference in price.

“Naked” Short Selling occurs when sellers don’t even borrow the shares before selling them, and then look to cover positions sometime after the sale. Naked Short Selling has put out of business 6000 small public companies in the past 15 years. Naked Short Selling has been a loophole regulators (SEC) Market Makers, Hedge Funds and brokerage houses have been allowed to take advantage of.

The SEC Rule includes a requirement that brokers must Buy or Borrow securities to deliver on a short sale within four days or be subject to penalties. Another option would prohibit short sellers from making their trades until a stock ticks at least one penny above its previous trading price. The goal of the Uptick Rule is to prevent selling sprees that feed upon themselves and batter a stocks share price.

An alternative approach would ban short selling for the remainder of a trading session in a stock that declines by 10 percent or more. The SEC could decide on a final course of action by years end.

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Goldman Sachs High Frequency Trading Program Stock Manipulation

Goldman Sachs is making Billions of $USD high frequency trading , processing millions of  orders at lightning speed. About 70% of the high frequency trades are done by 2% of the traders.

Powerful Super Computers enable high frequency traders to generate Billions in Profits. High Frequency Traders clearly have an edge over the masses. Powerful Algorithms may execute millions of orders a second. It has become a Technological Arms Race.

A former Goldman Sachs computer engineer – Sergey Aleynikov was arrested for stealing secret computer codes. The computer software can manipulate markets in unfair ways.

Stock Market Manipulation at its Finest with Programmed High Frequency Trading.

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