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First Day of Spring 2012

First Day of Spring 2012 or how to become Super Human – expanded, evolved, more healthy, more satisfied, a more creative Human.

The fantastic, positive, forward moving evolution must take place. It is
the inevitability of well-being, the connecting with Source energy.

Future generations will look back on that which you now are now as a species and call you neanderthal, by comparison.

They will talk of those who saw with only their five senses, not reading vibrations and understanding the true nature of their life experience.

Much of it, you will experience as soon as tomorrow if you like, the first day of Spring 2012.

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Usain Bolt World Record 200M 19:19 Worlds Fastest Man

The World’s Fastest Man – Usain ” Lightning ” Bolt – blew away the competition at the 2009 Berlin Track World Championships

 setting a new world record in the 200M sprint of [19:19] nineteen point one nine seconds

and a replay of Usain Bolt running away from Tyson Gay with the 100M World Record time of [9:58] at the 2009 IAAF Track and Field World Championships

Usain Bolt can Fly like Superman

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