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Michael Jackson 1958-2009 Memorial Funeral Videos

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 : The ” King of Pop ” Memorial Service was held at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. 

Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson honored Michael Jackson video: This is the Celebration of His LIFE.

” He [MJ] went and did from his heart , as a genuine good blessed artist , and He Broke All The Rules and All The Records ” – Alicia Keys

Michael Jackson This is It – Final Rehearsal Music Video:

Michael Jackson ” This Is It ” Heal The World , make this a Better Place – We are The World , We are the children Video:

Michael Jackson Memorial , Closing Comments ,  Jackson Brothers video:

Emotional tribute from daughter Paris Katharine Jackson to her father Michael Jackson video:

” I just want to say – ever since I was born – Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine … and I just wanted to say ,  I love him so much. ” – Paris Katharine Jackson

” Maybe now Michael , they will leave You alone ” – Marlon Jackson

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King of Pop Thriller Michael Jackson This Is It Dead at 50

“This Is It” entertainer extraordinaire , Michael Jackson , Dead at 50. His Musical Artistry and Originality changed the Music Business forever. His records have sold over 750,000,000 worldwide – thats 750 Million! Michael Jackson’s Thriller album sold over 50,000,000 in America alone.

We have been profoundly affected by Michael Jackson’s creativity and passion. The Guiness Book of World Records recognizes Michael Jackson as The Most Successful Entertainer of All-Time.

MJ Michael Jackson MoonWalk Dance Video HQ  Thirteen #1 Singles and Thirteen Grammys for The King of Pop.

Michael Jackson moon walk Billy Jean MTV – His unsurpassed artistry brought joy to millions. The eccentric Jackson is even inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame TWICE. 

We Are The World music video

Michael Jackson was a Brilliant Troubadour for his generation.

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