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Barack Obama Thermo Nuclear War

Barack Obama and Thermo Nuclear War. [01:15] The US Navy has in its submarine fleet enough capability and thermonuclear weaponry to in a single throw destroy most of this Planet.

[06:52] The United States has the greatest thermo nuclear power for weaponry, on this Planet. A lot of it concentrated in the Pacific Ocean in our submarines.

We can virtually obliterate much of this Planet with one shot, that is one barrage, properly aimed. Now, that’s the threat that we are facing.

The timing of that threat comes before the next Presidential election inside the United States. You have the greatest threat to humanity, imaginable.

[17:07] If Obama launches thermonuclear war, we are doomed.

[32:54] The worst damage that has been done to the United States and its people was the revoking of Glass-Steagall. The repeal of Glass-Steagall opened the gates for all the hell which has burst out since that time.

[33:30] They knew when they opened up the derivatives casino, fractional reserve banking to the Moon, that it would cause a Global implosion.

[35:55] The real issue is that the United States cannot be saved from its own folly unless we immediately enact Glass-Steagall now, not down the future.

Now or this Nation is finished economically. Without the Glass-Steagall Act the United States will cease to exist.

[39:44] The grand chessboard – the whole world is steaming towards a giant conflict – the US is openly preparing for a war in Asia.

Open war with Pakistan that has 100 nukes, this is a World War – Syria, proxy armies taking over Libya, it’s all barreling forward.

Why do the global financial interests, centered in Wall St, London, Frankfurt and other areas – why are they wanting this? why are they doing this?

They’re concerned that they control the wealth. They know if they control the world’s wealth that they can control the future. They want to be God, basically.


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Top Dog Oscar Mayer Wiener and Bologna King Dead at 95

Oscar G. Mayer Top Dog Oscar Mayer Wiener King Dead at 95 No Baloney above is the Wienermobile touring America for 73 years

Oscar G. Mayer Top Dog Oscar Mayer Wiener King Dead at 95 No Baloney above is the Wienermobile touring America for 73 years


Oscar Mayer , the retired Top Dog Chairman of the Board of the  meat processing company that bears his name , has passed away. Oscar Mayer , the Wiener King , died from natural causes at the age of 95.

1965 Oscar Mayer Commercial. Oh I’d Love to Be an Oscar Mayer Wiener- that is what I’d truly like to be. Because if I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener – everyone would be in love with me. video:

1973 Oscar Mayer Commercial. My Baloney has a First Name , it’s O S C A R. My Baloney has a Second Name , it’s M A Y E R. Oscar Mayer has a way with B O L O G N A. video:

Oscar Mayer is also famous for their Wienermobile , which has toured the United States for 73 years. A look inside and outside the world famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile video:

Mayer retired as Top Dog in 1977 after the company recorded their first $1 Billion year. The Oscar Mayer company was later sold to General Foods and is now part of Kraft. Oscar G. Mayer , dead at 95.

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