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Mercedes Benz F-Cell Invisible Car

Mercedes Benz and the F-CELL Invisible Car want to know how to promote the most innovative drive technology in the World.

Mercedes-Benz presents F CELL hydrogen fuel cell technology to the World Video:

Invisible Cars = 0 emissions, buddy. Mercedes car engineers claim zero emissions with this F-CELL technology since it emits only water vapor after burning the hydrogen fuel.

German automobile engineering. Mercedes-Benz: the best or nothing.

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Germany Absolutely Crush Argentina 4-0 Men against Boys

This was total domination by Deutschland. Germany just absolutely crushed a previously considered strong team. It was Men against Boys on this day.

Europe is soaring in this World Cup. South America is crumbling. What an embarrassment for the overrated Messi and Argentina.

The only ball boy here is Maradona. 

The German blitzkrieg rolls on to the semifinals. Argentina flies home in disgrace.

Bastian Schweinsteiger was the man of the match. It was a true team win with lots of unselfish passing. Miroslav Klose had 2 goals in this game and now 14 total in World Cup matches. 

Deutschland 2010 World Cup Germany Football Team Miroslav Klose uber alles

World Cup Germany

Germany towered over Argentina literally, physically, skillfully – in all ways.

Congratulations Germany [Deutschland] I can see you in the Finals versus Holland. Well played.

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