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$16 House Adverse Possession

Kenneth Robinson has left the $300,000 home in Flower Mound, Texas that he had lived in the past 7 months for $16, after a Texas judge ruled Monday in favor of the current lienholder Bank of America.

After the owner abandoned the foreclosure property and the original mortgage company went out of business, Robinson shrewdly submitted a $16 filing fee at the local courthouse eight months ago.

The law of “adverse possession” gave Kenneth Robinson the right to occupy the home he did not own or pay rent for.

He even wrote an eBook and created a website named 16dollarhouse.com in which he claimed he had the right to live in a $300,000 home by way of adverse possession.

“ I am successful because I can see it no other way.”  –  Kenneth Robinson

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Indonesia Scuba Diving

The most famous Bali, Indonesia dive destination is Tulamben, in the north east of the mainland, where the Liberty wreck may be seen in shallow water.

Perhaps the best scuba diving in Bali is in Lembongan Island where there are fields of pristine coral and sometimes Mola Mola, manta rays and sharks.

Indonesian Scuba Diving Video at Tulamben – Bali, Indonesia. 0:20 – Great Barracuda 0:37 – Sweetlips 0:40 – Dancing Eels  If it’s a dancing eel video you want to see, you’re at the right place.

1:08 – Reef Shark 2:22 – Coral Crab 2:30 – Ribbon Eel 4:07 – Striped eel Catfish

From five star international beach resorts to budget guesthouses, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste and pocket book in Indonesia.

English is very widely spoken in the tourist destinations and you can enjoy a great holiday here without knowing a word of Bahasa Indonesian.

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