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Rush Limbaugh on Passion Love of Country and Truth

Rush Limbaugh was on the Glenn Beck show talking about Obama’s new Diversity Czar at the FCC. Hear him in his own words:

Rush Limbaugh hopes that Passion , Love of Country and Truth will overcome this most dangerous time for Liberty and Freedom.

” The President of the United States , Barack Obama , is Destroying the United States Economy… the United States Economy is being Destroyed . ” – Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh in his own words.

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Dow Down 766 Points GM near BK per Jim Cramer

Recession news had the Dow dropping another 766 points, the second-largest point loss ever. This wiped out almost all of Mondays Sucker Rally of 936 points, the greatest one-day rise ever.

Mad Money Jim Cramer has stated that GM is almost certain to file for bankruptcy.

The credit crunch is destroying wealth and making it difficult for middle class customers to buy.

Ben Bernanke says more difficulties lie ahead for the US economy.

The Beige Book by the Federal Reserve reported a shaky economy and RECESSION, with retail sales plunging in September by 1.2 %, double the 0.7 percent drop analysts expected.

DJIA took another Beating Today. Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride in these very uncertain times.

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