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Stephen Colbert Report Iraq Been There Won That

Stephen Colbert will honor US Troops returning home from the War in Iraq with two special Colbert Report shows [Iraq: Been There, Won That] which air on Comedy Central this September 8 and 9 at 11:30 PM.

The audience will be made up entirely of Iraq war veterans and active duty service men and women. All will either be in the studio live or broadcasted in by satellite from Walter Reed Army Hospital and Afghanistan.

In studio guests will include US Vice President Joe Biden and US Military Commander in Iraq, General Ray Odierno.

Gen. Odierno shaved Colbert’s head when the comedian broadcast four episodes from Baghdad in 2009 where Colbert wore a camouflage suit and reported from a desk supported by sand bags.

” The Iraq War is over and all Americans should thank the returning troops and quickly before they get sent to Afghanistan.” -Stephen Colbert , the Colbert Report

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